Feeling International?

     We've all heard of Baccarat - the game favored by Bond, James Bond, the game associated with martinis, elegant bystanders and International Players.  Well now you and your friends can be The Players. Book a Baccarat Table for your next party and turn a few heads!

     It's a game of relatively few complexities and a lot of gambling fun. There are only three possible outcomes—a player win, a banker win and a tie—and our dealers pretty much do all the work. Players bet either on the player’s side, the “banker” (aka the dealer) side or for a tie. Cards two through nine are face value, while a 10, jack, queen and king cards have a value of zero. An ace is worth one.  

     The dealer then deals out the cards face up—two each for the player and banker—and whichever hand totals closest to nine wins. If you’ve bet on the player hand and it has the closest to nine, the winnings are simply double what you bet. If you’ve bet on the banker hand and it wins, it pays 95 percent of your wager.

     When the cards dealt are greater than nine, you have to add the two together and drop the one (or two) to get the value. For example, a hand of eight and seven cards dealt would add up to 15, and with the first digit dropped, the value in the game is five.

Here are some more rules to help you ace a baccarat game:

  • If either the player or banker is dealt a total of eight or nine, both the player and banker stand.
  • If the player’s total is five or less, then the player will receive another card. Otherwise, the player will stand.
  • If the player stands, then the banker hits on a total of 5 or less.
  • The final betting option, a tie, pays out 8-to-1. 

Our friendly dealers will keep track of the rules and keep the action moving... all you have to do is sip your Martini and feel worldly!  Adding a Baccarat Table Rental to your next Las Vegas Casino Night Party will make your party shaken - not stirred!