Texas Hold'em is currently the most popular and widely known variant of all the poker games.  It can be played Tournament style, where everyone starts out with the same amount of chips and it plays down until there is a single winner.  Depending upon the number of entrants and the pre-determined structure this can take from a couple hours to several hours.  We can create a playing structure that will fit your timeline for the number of players.  There are lots of bragging rights and perhaps some prizes (that you can supply) on the line.  (Due to gaming laws there cannot be any real money buy-ins).  Tournaments can be fun for both beginners and more experienced players.  The dealers are there to keep the action going and let any novice players know what their options are at any given time - for instance Bet, Raise, Fold or everyones favorite move - GO ALL IN!!

Texas Hold'em can also be played as a "Ring Game".   This is where players can come and go as they please, playing for as long as they want, perhaps leaving the table to take their chips over to the Black Jack or Roulette table.  Ring games are a great option if you want to keep everyone circulating around the party.  

Vegas Gaming Nights supplies all the tables, cards, chips and Poker Dealers for your Las Vegas Casino Party Rental. We also supply a Tournament Director if needed. The Pit Boss can oversee Ring Games.  Please let us know if we need to supply the chairs also (for an additional charge).