Put it all on RED!!

Roulette is perhaps the easiest casino game to understand and play.  The rules are simple.  Place chips on the Red or Black areas, or on the numbers displayed on the felt.  The dealer gives the gleaming wheel a spin, sends the tiny ball spinning in the other direction, and everyone holds their breath waiting to see where it will land.  Because different players can bet the same number or color, it's fun to have multiple winners... everyone can root for everyone else.  Also in Roulette the payouts are large, so you can win scads of chips!  Players always love raking in those huge stacks of their very own colored chips.  Like the craps table, the Roulette table is large and impressive looking, up to seven players can play together making it a fun action kind of game.  Roulette Table rental with professional Las Vegas Dealers will have your guests cheering at your next Las Vegas Casino Party Night!